5 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Building Permit Application

August 10, 2017 (Published by )

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When building a home or other residential unit, handling the red tape of building permits can be time consuming. This is why some people choose to rush the process, applying for the permit without going over the details carefully. Unfortunately, this sacrifices quality. Over 98% of privately-owned residential buildings are constructed in permit-issuing zones, but some property owners make critical errors.

Looking to obtain your permit the correct way? Be sure to avoid these critical mistakes.

  1. Inaccurate Information: Even if incorrect information is added by accident, any inaccuracies can ruin your application. This is especially true if the details on your application do not match a statement you made to an official. To avoid this, go over the details multiple times, getting a professional to assist in the process.
  2. Missing Calculations: State and local regulations are largely quantitative, so you need to have numbers to show. Look into what measurements and other dimensions you need to provide to prove that the home is within building codes. If this information is missing, you will have to go back and recalculate them. This will only slow down the entire process.
  3. Misread Text: The golden rule of applications is to read the fine print. Without doing so, it is easy to overlook key information. The best way to avoid this oversight is to take advantage of permit services. With professional permit help, you can go through all the details of regional laws and your application.
  4. Using Old Regulations: Check the date on the local building codes that you find. You may be using old information. Remember that as towns and cities develop, these regulations develop along with them. The best way to obtain updated information is to call of visit your city or town hall.
  5. Late Processing: Rushing your application at the last minute can easily delay your construction project. You may not realize all of the details that you need to account for, such as an air quality analysis. By starting early, you can leave room for unexpected factors.

Remember: The best way to help your building permit application move along smoothly is to work with accredited permit services, specifically a permit expeditor. The professionals at Scout Services are here to save you time on construction. Contact us today with details of your upcoming project.