Permit Expediting Companies: The Top Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go Without One

March 10, 2017 (Published by )

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Planning a construction project? Chances are, you’ll be required to get a building permit before getting started.

And the number of applications for commercial and residential building permits is steadily rising. Just look at the statistics — in the 2013 fiscal year, the Department of Buildings saw a 4.9% increase in the number of jobs filed. The next fiscal year, this number shot up by 14.2 percent.

It’s clear that construction projects are cropping up almost anywhere you look. So how can you make sure your construction project won’t be held up by a long wait on a permit application? For many development companies, the answer can be found in permit expediters — companies that work with you to ensure you obtain your permit as quickly and effectively as possible.

Still not convinced that you should be enlisting the help of one of these permit expediters? Here are three of the biggest reasons why they’re a must:

Extensive, specialized knowledge
Permit expediting companies work with building permits every day. As a result, they’ve developed extensive knowledge when it comes to building codes, permit applications and other parts of the process. For younger development and building companies that haven’t applied for many permits yet, this can be a major benefit.

A representative with the city staff
Fundamentally, permit expediting companies act as a liaison between you and the city staff that issue building permits. They can astutely interpret the way your city will enforce current building codes, and as a result will be able to determine the best strategy for getting your permit approved. It’s this kind of expertise that makes a difference in how long your permit process will take.

An easier time sticking to schedule
Whether you’re a residential or commercial development company, chances are you want to speed up the permit process as quickly as possible in order to finish the job according to its schedule. Typically, the average time between a developer filing for a permit and the time they meet with an examiner is about 3.8 days, the Buildings Department reports. With a permit expediting company, this time is cut considerably.

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